Our philosophy

Our aim is to grow the love of the tennis

We strive to be the most professional and personal tennis brand in London. We are lucky to have two amazing partnerships with Wilson and Adidas as well as other local businesses.

Tennis itself can come across as a very complex and intimidating sport, so in terms of having an easy to understand framework we have a simple process where we work on the development of three main areas of every players’ game. This allows us to create a bespoke learning pathway for every player on our program.

Physical skills

To develop and condition the body to be agile, develop motor skills and coordination, reaction skills. Tennis is a sport that requires great footwork, receptive skills and also to maintain great posture and balance.!

Physical skills

Physical skills In our program

Physical skills

The ability to work in a partnership or a team to complete an activity/exercise. Working together and pushing each other is crucial for a child’s development and focus in tennis. Tennis training is a combination of cooperative/competitive play depending on the task in the class being set.

Team skills

Team skills In our program

Physical skills

The learning and development of the 4 main shots in tennis; forehand, backhand, serve and return. All shots are developed and challenged in game situations as the children become more confident on the tennis court.

Technical skills

Technical skills In our program

Emma Wells method

Tennis for life!

Our aim is to grow the love of the game and to instill a community feel into park tennis.


  • Testimonials

    Jo and Gary (Rory aged 7)

    "Great, well structured teaching that makes tennis competitive fun without feeling like a lesson. Passionate about the sport and superb at engaging the children. Our child's preferred tennis coaching provider by some distance!

  • Testimonials

    Alex (Intermediate/Advanced)

    Emma is one of the best tennis coaches that I've had in the 15 years I have been playing tennis. She uses psychology to make classes bespoke based on each person's individual needs and simplifies complicated concepts. She is a pleasure to learn from!

  • Testimonials

    (Dad of Freddie aged 5)

    It’s not often you find somebody coaching sport who can teach on a child’s wavelength as effectively as Britt, however Britt’s fun and engaging style has not only seen my son develop a real love for the game but also it’s improved his concentration and ability to listen. Thank you Britt! James.

  • Testimonials

    Jim (Adult Advanced)

    Tyler is a great coach and practice partner; after almost 20 years break from tennis’ I am very happy to have found Tyler as my coach and hitting partner. His coaching style is very accommodating and adaptive; most importantly he is a lovely chap who always makes the practice session friendly and fun.

  • Testimonials

    Martina (Adult Improver)

    Emma has been a super coach since my first ever session with her almost 2 years ago and I have enjoyed every one, both group and individual. She has worked with me not only on technique but also the mental side of the game and she tailors individual lessons to your personal goals so that no two sessions are the same, which keeps things interesting! That combined with her lovely character makes for really fun sessions which I look forward to every week.

  • Testimonials

    Alessandra (Parent of Alice 8 & Lorenzo 6)

    My two children have improved their footwork, their strokes, their stamina and their love of tennis. EW Tennis teaches the importance of overall wellbeing of tennis as a lifelong endeavour and of sportsmanship making it lots of fun-my children adore their lessons.

  • Testimonials

    Bukola Ade (Adult Intermediate)

    I have been training with Emma, for over four years. she is such a dedicated person, who delivers a high standard of tennis, whilst making her sessions fun, interactive and person centred. Emma's work ethic is second to none.

  • Testimonials

    Debbie (James aged 7)

    Emma is one of the best tennis coaches I have engaged with over the last few years in SW London. She started teaching my 7 year old a couple of years ago and I soon got 'jealous' and started having sessions myself. Both of our tennis has improved hugely but I think Emma's biggest strength is how she engages with James. He loves his lessons and unlike a lot of his other sports there is never a moan about the hour he spends with her. Couldn't recommend her more highly.