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We have junior tennis on offer for all ages and abilities, please email for your FREE group trial session to adminemmawellstennis.com

The emphasis is all on fun embedded with learning. All the sessions are progressive, engaging and a combination of teamwork, partner work and solo learning. We have Saturday clubs as well term time clubs after school. We will be hosting fun events, internal and external match play as well as a variety of themed events in addition to the mainstream program. For any queries please email: adminemmawellstennis.com

We will also be arranging tennis breaks and holidays throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled for these.

Our lessons are set to provide the BEST learning environment for your child, below is a brief overview of the different court areas, as an education the ball used (red, orange, green, yellow) is the teaching aid for what the players are working on in their sessions.

junior coaching pathway

If you are brand new to tennis, just want to learn recreationally, all the way through to those who aspire to be the very best in the world we have a program for you!

Be around the most supportive club environment to help you on your learning journey!

  • 3-4 years tennis


    These sessions are a fantastic way to introduce young children to tennis. Session are packed full of fun ways for children to improve basic agility, balance and coordination, core fundamentals for all sports. They will also learn the basic techniques for forehands, backhands and volleys.

  • 4-5 and 6-7 years tennis


    An introduction to tennis using light-weight rackets, red balls and a smaller court. An excellent way to develop co-ordination, racket and ball skills and basic stroke technique. Lots of fun games including a selection of activity stations designed to provide a variety of tennis related learning experiences – the emphasis is very much on FUN.

    • Learning process for 7 and under
      • First experiences at tennis or the younger ages.
      • Working on throwing, catching, court movement & racquet skills.
      • Learning initial tennis ball contact skills and learning to contact in front whether floor tennis or bounce and hit.
      • Will follow coach instructions.

      • Basic tennis movements & able to catch a ball on one or two bounces.
      • Able to send and receive the ball with direction. (Throw and catch, advancing to hit to partner and catch)
      • Understanding of basic forehands and backhand movements and ready position.
      • Will follow coach instructions.

      • Movement with ease around the red court, basic and more advanced patterns.
      • Understand technique of forehand/backhand and volley.
      • Can control the ball in a rally based situation.
      • Will follow coach instructions.

      • Predominantly 6-7 years, can serve under/overarm and play a point of tennis.
      • Able to rally consistently both longline and cross court & all of the above levels.
      • Will follow coach instructions.
  • 8-9 years tennis


    For players progressing from a mini court and have developed their skills sufficiently to move to a larger size court/more rally based play with low compression balls. Equipment and court size are adapted to cater for the ability of players. Sessions cover co-ordination and movement, progressive development of the strokes, basic rules and tactics.


    • Level 3
      • Maybe a beginner for this age group or have worked up their way up from the red ball levels.
      • Cover basic skills of movement, racquet, concentration & enjoyment.
      • Develop a solid base of a consistent rally before moving upto Level 2.
      • Able to ‘pop and play’ to learn to start a point in tennis.
      • Able to follow coach instructions.
    • Level 2
      • Learning to use the ¾ court and getting used to a orange ball in a variety of game based situations.
      • Able to rally in a small space with orange ball and in the process of step back rallies & cross court competency to be able to get to Level 1.
      • Able to serve and return the ball.
      • Able to follow coach instructions.
    • Level 1
      • Able to rally consistently on the ¾ court. Learnt movement patterns, can score.
      • Can serve & return from ¾ with orange ball and have consistent basic technique.
      • Able to concentrate well.
      • Will follow coach instructions well in learning tactical play.
  • 10-12 years tennis


    This is aimed for children who are ready to test their skills on a full-size court developing good technique & tactical decision making. Their confidence will grow as they progress through the stages. They'll learn the fair play values of tennis as well – these encourage good behaviour and sportsmanship.


    • Level 2
      • Use of full size court, ball is faster than orange ball but slightly lower pressure than yellow.
      • Able to rally and understand the flight of the ball in the service boxes.
      • Play with stronger physical movement around the court.
      • Continue to develop skills and enjoyment.
      • Will follow coach instructions.
    • Level 1
      • Players able to rally consistently from at least ¾ with green ball.
      • Serve and able to score. Advancement of drills and movement patterns.
      • Can implement more advanced techniques concentration levels, physical work.
      • Will follow coach instructions.
  • 13-15 years tennis


    Tennis coaching designed specifically for Teens, which provides social, fitness, and learning opportunities. Lessons follow a Games-Based Approach and are intended to attract and retain teenagers in the game.


    • Level 2
      • Regular tennis ball, use of full size court.
      • Introduce further learning of basic strokes, movement patterns, points scoring and etiquette.
      • Play with stronger physical movement around the court.
      • Will follow coach instructions.
    • Level 1
      • Players that can rally, serve and play points, games and sets.
      • More advanced training of physical and tactical elements of tennis.
      • Technique refinement.
      • Want to play social/tournament competition (Whether internal or external).
      • Will follow coach instructions.

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